Mortgage Risk Model

interest-rate-headacheWorried about interest rate changes and how they might impact on the level of repayments on your mortgage? If so, then our Mortgage Risk Model can help you identify how interest rate changes might impact you. Some online mortgage calculators will allow you to see how a change in interest rates would impact the level of repayments, that’s only useful to a point. For example you might discover that a 1% rise in interest rates would increase your monthly repayments from £500 a month to £560 a month. However how likely is a 1% rise in interest rates? Our mortgage risk model answers exactly that question!

You can use our online tool to estimate how your mortgage repayments might change in the future based upon changes in interest rates. Our model uses the latest market data (read more here) to run 1,000 simulations of future interest rates over the next 30 years. These interest rate simulations are then combined with your mortgage information to show you how your repayments might look in the future. To help make sense of these future simulations we present the results in terms of the likelihood of seeing monthly repayments of a given amount.

Your Mortgage

   (Typically your lender’s SVR)