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finance_tree_growth_45EA7BC7B6870Who writes Cash Squirrel?

Cash Squirrel is a one-man project written by me.  So what do I know about personal finance?

I started my career as an Actuary with a UK consulting firm.  I worked advising large pension schemes on their funding and investment.  After about 10 years of actuarial work I took the enormous step (leap?) of running my own small business.  So nowadays I work for myself.  So I feel like I’ve seen a bit of everything in finance and business from advising large £2bn pension funds to having to get the VAT return done on time and paying my business rates.

I started Cash Squirrel with a view to create a valuable resource for those who want to know about more about personal finance and to create some cool tools (remember I’m an Actuary, so it’s cool for me!) to help people make better decisions about their finances. If you have any questions, ideas for content or any queries then please get in touch.

Financing the website

Although we are in early days yet, the running of the website will be financed through the use of certain “affiliate” links to providers, advisers and others that I feel are of genuine benefit to those reading the website. However at this stage, we have no paid advertising of any description on the website.


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